All-New Video Series


The Foundation Video Series is a four part video series in order to awaken, mobilize and connect with various areas of the body that are often tight, stiff and sore.

What you get:

  • Four 20+ minute guiding videos with Heather
  • Extra video with Heather’s favorite movements
  • PDF included with intro content
  • Downloaded, so it’s yours FOREVER!
  • No login or passwords to remember

The Foundation 4-Part Video Series

This Series is all about Foundation. Accessible movements in order to get more parts of your body moving more often as one of my mentors Katy Bowman speaks of often. Four, 20 minutes videos that you can come back to time and time again. Here you will find various ways to wake up and enliven different parts of the body and many of the tissues that are often tight, stiff and sore and ways to refresh and awaken your body and mind any time of the day. Great for pre, or post-hiking, walking or your gym sessions. And, if you are new to me and how I teach and what I am passionate about sharing and exploring this is a great place to start.

Click below to watch the intro video:

A few screenshots from the series

“Heather is the consummate healer. A genuine sense of warmth and intellect infuse her practice. She is incredibly knowledgeable about her chosen fields and committed to helping people find the tools and language they need to sustain a fresh relationship with food and their bodies.”

Jane Fox

About Heather B Munro

My life challenges have allowed me to take a deep dive into Yoga, Meditation, Spirituality, Living foods preparation and nutrition, Organic farming and herbal studies, the 7 aspects of the self and the unique study of Mind-Body Eating and more . I have lived in many different places, learned from handfuls of exceptional human beings, and gleaned as much as I could. The work I do today is a reflection of all of my life and educational experiences combined and I wake up filled with gratitude each and every day to be able to interact, share, learn and grow with all those I come in contact with.

My credentials:

  • Certified Gourmet Raw Food Chef
  • Certified Eating Psychology Practitioner
  • Food & Spirit Practitioner
  • 90 Monkeys Graduate: 200hr
  • Registered Yoga Teacher
  • Graduate of Yoga Anatomy Academy
  • 500 plus hours of workshops, retreats and seminars in the fields of functional movement, biomechanics, yoga movement and philosophy, meditation, sutra studies and more.